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Derington Architects was founded by Bill Derington in 1985. It is presently managed by him and his son Mike. For over a quarter of a century they have significantly influenced the design landscape of the Springfield area and beyond.

While the city of Springfield is home, the firm has completed and contributed to countless projects throughout the state of Missouri as well as other states such as California, Texas, Colorado and Arkansas.

Derington Architects is primarily a commercial firm but has an affinity for special projects of all kinds. The typology and scale of their projects run the spectrum. From single business offices to multistory office buildings, from dental clinics to large-scale hospitals, from single-family homes to hotels. They do it all and owe that to their clientele.

"Without our clients we could never do what we do. The measure of our success is not based on the scale of a project but by whether or not our client is satisfied"
- Mike Derington

Derington Architects
1847 E Kirkwood St - Ste 112
Springfield, Mo 65804
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